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May 18, 2012:
London UFO Spotted. UFOs buzzing planes?


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Is UFO Activity Increasing? Is 2012 the year of the UFO?

Strange Lights, Crop Circles, Fast Moving Spacecraft, Unexplained Events

2012 UFO Sightings  have included lights in Lafayette, Colorado, Ngunguru, New Zealand,  and Vancouver, Washington. In the Colorado incident, a red triangle of light caused consternation among townspeople.  . For years, many professional debunkers have passed off UFO sightings as weather balloons, the planet Venus, aircraft, or meteors. In fact, some in the conspiracy theory community will state that UFOs are actually secret aircraft operated either by our own country or adversaries, who may be testing new designs or spraying unknown agents into our air supply.

UFO Sightings in 2012 may indicated that more UFO cases are on the horizon. In 2010, UFOs were spotted in Istanbul, New York, and China. The list of 2009 UFO sightings was a bumper crop, with people reporting UFOs in Florida, England, Mexico City, India, Russia (where an 11 year old girl disappeared) Norway, and Sweden. However, so many new videos of UFOs are being uploaded to places like YouTube, and shown on mainstream media sites, that people are beginning to wonder what is happening, especially when UFO activity appears to coincide with Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Record Heat, and Justin Bieber, whose girlish persona suggests he may be a hybrid from another world.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Sometimes UFOs and unexplained lights involve jokers tying flares to ropes on big balloons. These people can set back legitimate UFO research and investigation.